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Matt Parker is the Board President of the B-Rad Foundation. Born and raised in Sonoma County, Matt grew up with Annadel State park in his backyard and just a short drive to the beautiful Sonoma Coastline. At a young age a love for the outdoors was developed. He moved to the beautiful island of Kaua'i in 2004 to follow his passion for surfing and to participate in what would be a life changing massage therapy program. After becoming a licensed massage therapist on Kaua'i, Matt's love for the mind/body/spirit connection deepened. Matt is a strong community leader and a dedicated surfer, crossfitter, traveler, yogi, jiu-jitsu practitioner, husband, and father. 





What the B-Rad Foundation means to me:

Losing my brother has been the most difficult and transformative experience of my life. It made me look deep into my own existence with new eyes and a new perspective on life itself and ask what is truly important to me? How can I live to bring the best out of myself and others? Can I be present and walk through this fire without turning away? I continue to face many questions about life and death and the openness to just be with it all. Each moment is a new journey for me to deepen into presence. 


Upon the creation of The B-RAD Foundation, I was able to piece together my broken heart into a way of giving back to our earth and all of the beautiful creatures that inhabit it. Our ongoing projects feel, in a way, as a sort of therapy. Being able to honor my brother in the most profound ways, by taking positive action to ensure a bright future for our youth and earth feels life-affirming. The connection is so beautiful and so apparent. Our B-Rad Youth programs are a way to make sure every child has an opportunity to feel the joy and wonder one can only receive from being out in our natural world. The children are the future and it is our responsibility to foster a sense of pride, joy, stewardship, and peace for them. Our B-rad Beach cleanups are how we say thank you to our earth for giving us so much and to ensure future generations are able to enjoy the beauty as well.


Because of Brad, we have a vessel to make a huge impact on this earth as we know it. The community we have through The B-Rad Foundation is growing and I feel extremely honored to be part of it.  Because Brad lived his truth with such passion and love, we have a template for how to foster incredible positive change for our current lives and for the future.

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