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How do we begin? We ask for guidance, even for this task, and Brad tells us, "begin from grace, begin from humility, begin with vulnerability, begin with LOVE."  This is what he is telling us as we begin to compose this heartfelt thank you to all of those who have come forward with grace, humility, vulnerability, and with LOVE. 


We are feeling a shift, a movement like never before;  like a huge wave rolling over us all, crashing down on us, tumbling us over and over again, eventually spilling us out onto the sand feeling more awakened, more alive, with a sense of purpose and devotion.


Since Brad's transition, we have come together as a tribe; from the late hours of the first night of his passing, the ranger lying by his side, protecting him from the elements, to just yesterday, receiving our first B-Rad shirts in the mail here in Kauai. Each act of love has brought Bill and I to our knees, not in sadness, but in overwhelming gratitude.


Brad's work here on earth was complete. We are connecting the dots that he so bravely and willingly placed for us. It is being connected in one tremendous stream of LOVE. We are feeling it every moment of every day. We are all feeling it like a fast and furious current. We are all throwing away our oars and riding this wave that Brad has created for us and is still creating for us even more powerfully in his spirit form. We have all felt him coming on stronger than before. This wave will continue on for all time as we move forward, teaching our future generations the values of mother earth and love for one another. 


So for this lesson, our family, Brad's family - we thank you, we love you, we feel you in our hearts. We thank Jainee for giving him the love he'd been searching for and for being brave enough to let him go that day he was called forward. He loved her with all his heart and Jainee, he will continue to be by your side forever.




Bill, Gayle, Matt, and Tiara Parker




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