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Born and raised in Sebastopol, California, the grandeur of Sonoma County is deeply ingrained in my sense of purpose and global outlook. Working as an Education Specialist for the past 17 years, I am keenly aware of the power of nature to harness educational opportunities. Sense of place within the grand scheme of life is something many children and young adults struggle with. Yet in those moments of synchronicity with the natural world, sense of place becomes a harmony of growth and awareness. My classrooms have ranged from comprehensive high school settings in Sonoma and Marin counties, deep into the Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountain ranges, the majestic Pacific Coast, and as far as the Southern Pacific and South Eastern Asia. The most important lesson that I have learned is that we can make a difference by sharing our passions and expertise through modeling the pillars of this foundation: Health, Stewardship, and Adventure.


What the B-Rad Foundation means to me:

Jeremiah B-Rad GR 2016.jpg

The next generation is our most important resource. It is in their hands that we will pass on the lessons of today. The B-Rad Foundation’s ability to harness the expertise of world class athletes, educators, and local businesses and organizations passionate about healthy and mindful living practices, gives us a unique potential to make a difference in the lives of hundreds if not thousands of kids in the coming years. From this community in which Brad Parker connected all of us, we will provide formative outdoor leadership and educational experiences for youth who may never have the opportunity otherwise. Because we can, and because it matters.

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