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Sarah McKay fell in love with climbing. That's the beginning . . . and that's the end. Some people think it's crazy to base all life decisions around how much it will allow one to climb and adventure, but that is okay with me. I don't need everyone to agree with me. My job is to keep the stoke and spread as much joy and love as I can. In an effort to never have a "real" job, I think and hope that I've made a real difference in a lot of people's lives.


I was the GM of Vertex Climbing Center for 10 years, before becoming a co-owner 2 years ago. Additionally, I started out as a mentor for GirlVentures, and then moved into a role as an Instructor and Rock Climbing Specialist. I guided throughout the Sierras for GirlVentures for 6 years, working with girls from diverse backgrounds from all over the Bay Area. My classical education is in Kinesiology. It has complimented my climbing lifestyle quite well. HA! My newest endeavor is being a Mommy. I almost missed out on this, as I worried about the impact on our lives. It hasn't been easy, but as my girl grows, I can see how the limits are few and the possibilities are endlessly exciting! She has made me more brave and much more loving. I will be forever in her debt and at her service. 

What the B-Rad Foundation means to me:

Brad Parker was a dear friend of mine for well over a decade and for sure a kindred spirit. Brad understood climbing so much more than I ever did. He knew how to transcend his fear, instinctively I think. The work I can do through B-RAD honors Brad and his legacy and helps us all live an authentic life of adventure, health, and true friendship. Holding space for people to come together and be their best selves is the best way that I have found thus far to be able to serve, both the world, and the memory of my beloved friend.

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