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When I was asked to write a bio I honestly was so intimidated. For days I struggled with the words, allowing the ego to creep in and that ever present saboteur that sits on all of our shoulders whispering words of doubt and fear of rejection with thoughts like "lack of education, limited travel, etc." After many days and many attempts, it became clear to me that what I really want to share is that it simply doesn't matter. 


What does matter is that I am a strong, compassionate and loving woman that believes in family, believes in good friends and community, and honoring our mother earth.  I raised two of the most solid and loving young men on the planet, both of whom were taught to follow their hearts no matter what and to never ever give up. I can think of no other accomplishment that compares.


Aloha: In Brad's words......"aloha means love, pure and simple.'

What the B-Rad Foundation means to me:

Our foundation means everything to me. It represents an extension of Brad; from our steady and grounded beginnings, we are slowly unfolding while opening the minds and hearts of people everywhere. We are growing together, transforming together, loving together, healing together, staying strong and passionate in our beliefs that we at the B-rad Foundation can and are making a difference. From the oaks of Annadel State Park where Brad spent his childhood, to the waves of Kauai and beyond, our foundation is a beam of light shining possibilities of hope where hope is needed, uniting communities that have lost faith, bringing smiles to faces just because we can, engaging our youth while fostering a sense of pride while teaching them the values of becoming effective catalysts for positive change.


What a gift Bradley has given us.  Because he cared so much, believing that anything was possible, we will continue to thrive, transforming and empowering the lives of thousands of our youth with our outdoor leadership and educational experiences. Our programs will represent milestones for the individuals that attend, linking them to the values that Brad lived by: integrity, honesty, compassion, education, bravery, gratitude, spirituality, love, and following your bliss. We will never give up, because Brad would never give up. It is our mission that the experience of each child is one of expansiveness, creating a lasting shift in their perspectives offering them new possibilities and enthusiasm with a sense of meaning and purpose, guiding them to a life on a path to greatness. 





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